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Winston Churchill said “Either do something worth writing about or write something worth reading.”

With all due respect to Mr. Churchill we did both.

SFSR is the book that started our revolution, and it’s starting one for others just like you, as well.

Our passion for education and our love for building true, safe real estate wealth is all packed into this comprehensive book.

We know it takes more than having the right information to succeed; you need the right mindset too. In this book you’ll hear the stories that made our success possible, as well as a step-by-step action guide for you to create your own real estate deals.

We wrote the book so you can have a positive impact on the future of the industry we love so much.

There’s more than one way to achieve wealth.  But some ways are more dangerous than others.

The SFSR book outlines all the ups and downs of the common strategies and then provides the playbook for creating the safest investments in real estate: owner financing.

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In the world of real estate investing, two of the most common profit strategies are acquiring rental properties and flipping homes. Unfortunately, most people are not successful using these strategies.

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Real estate can be the surest path to freedom, flexibility, and financial wealth; it can also lead to constraints, debt, and poverty. Over the years we have explored every form of real estate and have found notes to be the best.

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Financial Calculator Course

Financial Calculator Course

This free course will show you how to use a HP-12C financial calculator specifically for Real Estate Investing. Get it for FREE now!

Free Webinar

Free Webinar

Come join our free webinar where we show you how we make $229,306 on a $100K Investment property without Flipping, Renting or using our own money. You’ll learn the 3 Secrets that make this all possible!

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